​1620 Foundation

   Hello and welcome to 1620Foundation.org, where we dedicate our lives to improving the lives of Veterans through alternative healthcare, as well as other programs that will soon follow.

    We are a 501(c)(3) full Non-Profit Organization. Why 1620? When our forefathers came from England to explore the Americas in 1620, they were wanting to live their lives free of poverty and the King's rule. By coming to America, they signed the Mayflower Compact on November 11, 1620 in order to establish a new form of government in a new country of freedom.

     Unfortunately, with the red tape and bureaucracy that the VA has to go through in order to help a patient, it severely limits the amount and type of healthcare available to our Veterans. We are now dedicated to raising enough money and other donations to help those Veterans who fought for our freedom through our programs. Each donation goes directly into Veteran's healthcare to support a Veteran in your community to get well and get the help they need to improve their way of life. Donate today and watch as Veterans you may know regain their health, both mentally and physically. 

"Finally..an organization who actually cares about..and give back to all Veterans from the heart..Such a rare find..I fully support their efforts and will do all I can do to lend support. Thank you sir..for being a frontline organization dedicated to lending assistance to fellow Veterans. May God Bless you..and all you stand for."

​-Dusty E. (10/18/2016)

"​I Am A 40% Disabled Vet Bad Knees And Back After Serving 11 Years In Telecommunications I Live On $590.00 And $180.00 Food Stamps ? I Am Being Cut Buy The CDC And VA Of My Vicodin ? 2 Mos Ago 180 A Mo. Last Mo. 124 This Mo. 84 ?? THANK God For Bill !!!! This Foundation Paid For My Exam And App Fees I Couldn't Have Afforded It Otherwise Thank You So Very Much If You Know A Vet In Pain Let Bill Know !!! If He Cant Help ?? He Has Friends That Can ! Lets Help Each Other Vets!"

​-Jim D. (10-30-2016)

"Thank you for your service - May God bless you and provide for all your needs."

Louis L. 10/03/2016